Simi Pasricha

She is a passionate, hard working and compassionate person who is always eager to help people. She particularly became and RCIC to lead a helping hand to people who are planning to settle in Canada. As a Canadian Citizen she knows the privileges and the benefits of being a Canadian and would like the new immigrants to feel and experience the same joy of being in Canada and experience the same benefits. Her background of being a Criminology student and studying the various factors of society through subjects like sociology has taught her how to look at society and people in a different way. As credentials she has done a Diploma in Criminology, Legal Studies and Immigration Practitioner and is an active member of the RCIC. She has been practicing immigration for the past 2 years and have helped numerous people achieve their dream of coming to Canada.

Simi Pasricha

200-7404 King George Blvd

Surrey, BC

V3W 1N6



Email: simimmigration@gmail.com

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